Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon – Day Of Updates


It’s here everyone! 

I’m so excited for my first ever Dewey’s readathon. As of right now (30 minutes before start time), there are 1900 readers which is about 400 more than the last time they did this. Unbelievable! I’m so ready to be immersed in this community of readers. You’re all so awesome.

I’m about as prepared as I can be, I think! I’ve already showered and taken care of some little responsibilities. I told the boyfriend to leave me alone and make me dinner. The house is (relatively) clean and cat is fed. I have a plethora of books and snacks. I’ve got my bookmark printed – on resume paper, I might add – certainly seems appropriate since reading is my profession today. I think that should be it!

Don’t forget to check back here and follow me on Twitter for periodic updates. Also, check the hashtag #readathon to get updates from all of the readers and cheerleaders!

Let’s do this thing!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

5:34am – We’re about 30 minutes out from start time. I’m feeling a bit tired but really excited. I think I’m going to start with something other than the Harry Potter Illustrated because I have a feeling I’ll start snoozing during a story I already know. I’ve got The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel fired up on my Kindle. It’s a book I’ve been wanting to read since I found out about it and it’s on my Fall TBR. Also, I read faster on my Kindle than in physical form, so win win! Now I just need some food and I’ll be ready to go.


7:58am – Hours 1 and 2 were… sleepy. I ate some eggos and drank a Diet Dr. Pepper to try to get some caffeine in me. I am enjoying my book very much.Just going to take a quick Twitter break and get back to it!

9:58am – Still feeling sleepy but ready to knock out The Book of Ivy and start something else. Not quite sure what my next one will be yet though!

11:34am – Just finished The Book of Ivy! It was good — solid 4 stars! I will continue the series once the second book comes out in November of this year. I’m not entirely sure what I plan on picking up next so I’m going to take a break and stare at my shelves for a bit.

11:48am – Let’s go with Vicious by V.E. Schwab!


2:04pm – I didn’t really know what Vicious was about going into it, so it took me about 30 pages to get excited about, but now I’m hooked! I’m really liking it and just flying through it. Current location: chilling on my bed reading.


5:07pm – I’m so sleepy. My eyes keep closing which makes reading pretty difficult. I took an hour referesher nap. Hopefully some dinner will do some good and that I can finish Vicious before it gets too dark. I want to switch to something on my Kindle for when it’s dark. That way I can sit outside and read.

9:45pm – Well, I ate some dinner and then read like crazy. Finished Vicious and it was really good! Solid 4.5 stars! Now I think I’m feeling more Victoria Schwab? Maybe A Darker Shade of Magic? I’m going to brew on it for the rest of this hour.

9:54pm – Let’s go with The Archived by Victoria Schwab. Again, Kindle read so hopefully it goes quicker!



Hour 1 – 45 pages

Hour 2 – 44 pages

Hour 3 – 41 pages

Hour 4 – 47 pages

Hour 5 – 44 pages

Hour 6 – 12 pages (1st book complete!)

Hour 7 – 34 pages

Hour 8 – 50 pages

Hour 9 – 28 pages

Hour 10 – 41 pages

Hour 11 – 0 pages – zzzz

Hour 12 – 23 pages

Hour 13 – 28 pages

Hour 14 – 46 pages

Hour 15 – 51 pages

Hour 16 – 36 pages (2nd book complete!)


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