Top Ten Tuesday – Top Things That Scare Me In Books

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week’s topic is ten things that scare me in books.

Halloween has always been a non-holiday for me, so I went in a little different of a direction with my list this week!

  1. Everyone must always have a love interest – Can’t we be content with being alone and loving ourselves? Co-dependency is ghastly.
  1. Insta-love – It is terrifying to think that a girl genuinely believes that she fell in love with a guy the instant she saw him. Get your head on straight, woman!
  1. Possessive guys – Women are not your property. We are not to be controlled, obsessed over, abused, fought over, etc. You don’t come across as super-macho, just psychopathic and downright petrifying.
  1. Communication breakdowns – This is so nightmarish! Just use your words!
  1. Perfect characters with no confidence – You can’t see that you’re a gorgeous, smart, hilarious, sweet, genuine individual? Scary.
  1. Every character is extraordinary – It’s horrifying that authors don’t write stories about normal people. Normal people that are less than beautiful/dumb/etc.
  1. Female characters that cannot develop/maintain friendships with other females – It’s really not that hard. I’m scared for you, girl.
  1. Absentee parents – It’s downright frightful that 90% of parents are not involved in their child’s life because they’re deadbeats/blissfully ignorant/dead.
  1. Few stories about males – It’s terrifying that authors are forgetting about 50% of the population!
  1. The fate of the society/world is in the hands of a teenager – Really? That’s more than a little scary. Just kill me now if this is the way the world is going in real life!

But in all seriousness, the fact that authors just keep reusing the same tropes is the scariest thing. Are there no more original ideas?!

Do any of these book elements scare you? Feel free to add your own!

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25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Things That Scare Me In Books

  1. This is a great list. I don’t mind love interested in books, as long as it’s done right. One thing I keep wanting and hoping to see is a female character choosing herself other than two guys that have feelings for her. There are so many books out there with female characters being in a crappy situation and a guy “saves her” but another guy also “loves her” and she always has to pick one by the end of the book/series. But often times the relationship is very co-dependent. Why can’t a woman ever choose her own happiness first before diving into a long term committed relationship?

    My TTT:Marie @ Pages to Explore

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  2. Great list totally agree with many including the insta-love; how can you fall for someone within minutes of meeting?!

    Love triangles also scare me – reminds me of my teenage years with girls going after the same guys; someone also ended up heartbroken 😦

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  3. Great twist on the scary theme! Agree with all of these – although I do believe in love at first sight, haha. Not happened to me or anything, but I’ve heard of enough real-life instances to think it’s not totally impossible.

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  4. Your entire list is basically one whole YA novel. I am really sick of all these tropes to be honest, even though i am guilty of teenagers saving the world; that novel needs alot of revision. There really needs not to be a love interest in so many books. However, I could deal with it more if it was a small subplot, a thing that just existed. Insta-love has gotta go; if there is going to be a “love” interest, couldn’t they just chill and like each other? Enough with the hefty feelings all the time. This was a great list and i agree 100% with it!

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  5. Haha amazing- I love this list! Especially insta-love and under confident perfect characters. Although I also hate love triangles. In fact, my worst nightmare is a story about an under confident perfect heroine who falls in love instantly with two perfect under confident guys, then spends 2-3 books messing them both around while she decides which one’s her soul mate. Which is basically the plot of most YA novels these days.


  6. Wow, your list pretty much describes the Twilight series! Possessive dude, insecure yet overly perfect characters, insta-love… check, check, and check. Blech. I guess Twilight kinda works as a horror story, if you read it as the frightening tale of an abusive (but supernatural) relationship…

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