Blog Ahead Wrap Up – October 2015


In the month of October, I participated in Blog Ahead with the goal of scheduling 31 posts for November on.

I was successful… kind of. I managed to schedule 16 posts for the future.


7 Top Ten Tuesdays

6 Waiting on Wednesdays

1 Top 5 Wednesday

1 Tag

1 Award 

I’d say that the challenge was moderately successful. While I didn’t finish all of the posts, I’m really excited to have those 16 posts scheduled so I can focus on other different types of things. I hope to just adopt a proactive approach to blogging so that I can feel good (instead of rushed) about my content. I will absolutely participate in the next Blog Ahead!

I didn’t manage to work on my upcoming feature at all (for shame) but that doesn’t mean it won’t be happening! I am announcing the feature TOMORROW (11/5/15) and it will kick off on FRIDAY (11/6/15). So stay tuned!

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