Putting the “bargain” in (bargain)bookbliss!

According to the Oxford Pocket Dictionary,


To me, books are just that – perfect happiness. Books bring joy to so many, including me and (presumably) you.

Unfortunately, books are also expensive. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends $101.00 per year on entertainment in the form of books. I assume figures are similar worldwide. I would argue that this figure is much greater for the average book blogger and book lover. At upwards of $17.99 for a hardcover, the activity of being a reader can be financially draining.

When I set out to create a blog, I wanted to show that loving books doesn’t have to break the bank. Hence, (bargain)bookbliss was born.


Up until this point, my primary focus has been the books. But it’s time to shift the spotlight! It’s time to put the “bargain” in (bargain)bookbliss.

Without further ado, I announce my new weekly feature…


Each and every Friday, I will spotlight a different bargain – a way to get books on the cheap. 

Saving money is something that I’m a fan of (who isn’t?) and I want to share with you how I collect books on a budget.

Each post will include:

  • either an IRL (in real life) bargain or an online bargain – alternating weeks
  • a brief history
  • pros/cons
  • a personal experience that I’ve had
  • my brutally honest thoughts
  • my recommendation (or not) and to whom

This feature will NEVER include:

  • sponsored posts
  • untruthful/watered-down opinions of the bargain
  • the be-all-end-all of how to get books for cheap

While I understand that some people like to buy all books new, there are many that can’t or don’t want to. Maybe you’re a chronic failing book-buying-ban-er. Maybe you want to save up for a vacation. Maybe your significant other told you to cut back on the books (even though they spend just as much on their hobby/vice!). Whatever the case may be, I hope these bargains will help you save a bit of cash – or open up your mind to the possibility of doing so!

See you tomorrow for the first bargain!



4 thoughts on “Putting the “bargain” in (bargain)bookbliss!

  1. Sounds super interesting! I’m also looking for other ways to buy cheaper books. I love buying secondhand books as well. Can’t wait to see your posts on this segment.


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