Memes – My 2¢



Most of you know what they are, but for those that don’t, I’ll tell you! They’re those posts that show up on everyone’s blogs on certain days every week. Lists about a certain topic, books we’re excited about, quotes from a certain page in the book we’re currently reading, etc.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ve seen Top Ten Tuesdays (top ten [insert topic here]) and Waiting on Wednesdays (a release we’re waiting for). I’ve done quite a few of them – 23 posts in the year 2015 – which is about 1/3 of my blog posts for the year.

As a new blogger, memes were great. They helped me establish some semblance of a schedule, they helped me figure out what to write about, and they helped me connect with other bloggers.

In fact, my most popular post was the Ten Bookish Things I Want To QuitBut I’ll let you in on a little secret…

*whispers*… it’s a sham.

Yes, that’s right, those views were bogus. I vividly remember that day. I woke up super early so I could add my post to the linky first and get a lot of views from people throughout the day. I opened like 47 tabs and left short, meaningless comments on other blogs so they’d comment back. It’s so pathetic now… looking back on it.

Half of the Top Ten Tuesdays and Waiting on Wednesdays were written during October Blog Ahead 2015. I was efficient and I knocked them out one after another. I used a lot of the same books because I didn’t have any other better options. Writing about my favorite books of 2015 in October leaves you with a limited selection. I knew that the content wasn’t great, but book bloggers do memes, right?


The other day, I was scrolling through Twitter and I stumbled upon an archive post by Claire at Cover to Cover called An Open Letter to Book Blogging Memes. She talks about how memes were great to begin with but they became monotonous. How she was longing for more. And then *gasp* she quit memes.

I was shocked… and excited.

I did a lot of thinking during my Holiday Hiatus and memes were what crossed my mind most frequently. While I like that they established a schedule, I don’t like feeling obligated to do something a specific way. They’re some of my most uninspired posts and not something I’m proud of. They’re not something that someone would read and say, “oh, that sounds like it came from Rachel at (bargain)bookbliss.”

I strive to present a unique voice. I want to be genuine. I yearn for originality, inspiration, and passion. I’m ready to move on from memes.

I won’t delete my already-posted memes. They’re under extras > memes on the menu bar. I did delete my pre-scheduled memes though (all 12 of them). I’m quitting cold turkey.

This is very much a “it’s not you, it’s me” situation; I don’t hate memes. They’re just not right for me anymore. It may mean a decrease in posts and less of a schedule. I hope you can forgive this if it means more thought-provoking and authentic posts.


Penny for your thoughts?


8 thoughts on “Memes – My 2¢

  1. Good for you! I understand where it’s coming from, and now I’m thinking haha it’s true that memes can monotonous, and I might wind up quitting later on. I agree they’re great at first; it’s fun and exciting, but it loses that steam. Once you start blogging and get a voice and ideas, there become far less days in the week and strapped ability to produce desired content in few hours. Sometimes, they gotta go.

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  2. Interesting thought! I have entered several memes as well and I agree that those posts do get a lot of views. But I don’t post them regularly and if the topic is not something I really feel with, I just skip it for that week.
    On another hand, I have also started my own weekly meme I made just for my own blog. I don’t ask people to do it as well, and it’s not that famous but it’s something unique to only my blog! 😬

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  3. I totally agree. When I stated blogging, TTTs helped me have content throughout the week. However, now I find them boring to write. It’s like you said, they aren’t original and they tend to lack personality. I’m not planning on quitting TTT, but I now only take part when I really like the topic.

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