My philosophy on books is a bit different than most. Below are some of the ways that I don’t fit the norm!


  • Approximately 90% of the books that I own were purchased at thrift stores or used bookstores for anywhere between $0.25-$5 each. The majority are purchased for less than $2.
  • I’ve learned that the chance of encountering the same title twice at a thrift store is relatively low, so if I see something I want/need, I buy it. Third book in a series that I want to read but don’t own the others? I buy it, because chances are it is only $1 anyway.


  • Because of sporadic purchasing, my TBR will always be quite large. It is also a bit behind everyone else, as more recent releases are harder (though not impossible!) to find. That’s okay though, because there are plenty of books that have been out for a while that I still need to read.
  • Once read, I will only keep a book on my bookshelf if it meets one of these two criteria:
  1. I would re-read it in the future.
  2. I would recommend and lend it to family and friends.

If I would not re-read it or lend it to someone I know, I get rid of it. This helps me keep a small yet high quality collection.


  • I try to read from my TBR as much as possible. This helps manage the flow of books onto/off of my shelves.
  • If I want to read a series but I don’t own all of the books, I’ll borrow the others from the library or download them on my Kindle.

I will post some tips on thrifting and some of my best bargains in the future, so stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. Love your philosophy! I’m just the same: I get most of my books from people who are moving and want to get rid off too many books, from book boxes (boxes where people can leave books they don’t want anymore), from second hand bookstores, or from the library. So I have quite an eclectic collection of books to read, some that I would have never picked myself if they were new and full price, because if I pay for a new book, then I need to be sure I’m going to like it. Books are expensive! I also “abandon” books I don’t really like so that people can find them. Most of the time, I leave books in the metro or bus, so that i’m sure they won’t get wet if it rains.


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