My philosophy on books is a bit different than most. Below are some of the ways that I don’t fit the norm!


  • Approximately 90% of the books that I own were purchased at thrift stores or used bookstores for anywhere between $0.25-$5 each. The majority are purchased for less than $2.
  • I’ve learned that the chance of encountering the same title twice at a thrift store is relatively low, so if I see something I want/need, I buy it. Third book in a series that I want to read but don’t own the others? I buy it, because chances are it is only $1 anyway.


  • Because of sporadic purchasing, my TBR will always be quite large. It is also a bit behind everyone else, as more recent releases are harder (though not impossible!) to find. That’s okay though, because there are plenty of books that have been out for a while that I still need to read.
  • Once read, I will only keep a book on my bookshelf if it meets one of these two criteria:
  1. I would re-read it in the future.
  2. I would recommend and lend it to family and friends.

If I would not re-read it or lend it to someone I know, I get rid of it. This helps me keep a small yet high quality collection.


  • I try to read from my TBR as much as possible. This helps manage the flow of books onto/off of my shelves.
  • If I want to read a series but I don’t own all of the books, I’ll borrow the others from the library or download them on my Kindle.

I will post some tips on thrifting and some of my best bargains in the future, so stay tuned!

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